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Truly Automated E-Invoicing Compliance Software

GSTrobo E-Invoicing Software makes your business’ e-invoicing process truly automated. Generate and send e-invoices to your vendors within 3 seconds. Get customized PDF templates, making your E-Invoicing process streamlined. Leverage our non-disruptive, end-to-end API and ERP integration, helping you access our e-invoicing dashboard faster and navigate your e-invoicing requirements easily.

100% Data Security

Single Click Bulk Uploads

200+ Smart Validation Checks

GSTrobo®– Providing More Than Just E-Invoices

With GSTrobo® E-Invoicing, you go beyond the basics. Our platform meticulously checks
your vendors helping you prioritize the right vendors to keep your future working capital secure.

Purpose-built E-Invoicing Solutions For Speedy Operations

Single-Click E-Invoice Generation

Create bulk GST e-invoices with just a click directly to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) without any manual data entries.

Data Validation Excellence

Detect and flag errors, violations, incorrect entries, and missing mandatory fields with 200+ validation checks.

Real-Time E-invoice Tracking

Stay on top of your GST e-invoicing with real-time tracking. Generate, print & monitor e-invoices & send them to your vendors within 3 seconds.

End-to-End ERP Integration

Fast integration of our software with your existing ERPs or accounting system, ensuring smooth data flow and easy data access.

Secured Document Storage

Protect your GST e-invoicing records with fortified, encrypted storage. Access all vital documents at your convenience, on demand.

High-fidelity Solutions

Technology Enabled E-invoice Management One Software, Multiple Benefits

Use Powerful Features That Help You Stay Focused

E-invoicing Software Made
For Modern Businesses
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    Reduced Manual Intervention


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    Report Templates


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    Security Solutions


GSTrobo - Your Best Partner in Navigating GST E-Invoicing

Our software offers your business not just GST e-invoicing compliance but it's a catalyst for financial growth and operational efficiency.

E-Invoicing Software Compatible with all ERPs

Security That Delivers


ISO 270001: 2013


ISO 9001: 2015


VAPT security audited by CERT-in Certified Organization


CMMI Level 3 Version 2.0


SOC 2 Certified

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Audit Manual 2023 – As tax regulations and technology reshape compliance in the business realm, staying abreast of government reforms become crucial. Here is an e-book on India’s audit manual with comprehensive guidance on how to tackle GST audits and notices tailored for CAs, Finance Heads, and CFOs.


Customer Spotlight: The GSTrobo Success Journey

Jindal Industries Private Limited

We have been using different products of Binary Semantics such as Fleetrobo and DMS. Before GSTRobo, we were doing lots of tasks manually such as e-way bill generation and GST reconciliation. Thanks to their software we have saved a lot of manual work and man-hours. This has reduced our cost and GST-compliance risk.

Encube Ethicals

We chose GSTrobo due to its easy-to-use interface & ability to handle a large number of transactions seamlessly. The main benefit of using GSTrobo is that it saves time & you are assured of its accuracy. Moreover, it was a good experience while working with the support team of GSTrobo as they solve any issues within minutes.

Escorts Limited

Manual generation of E-way bills during the April-2018 implementation was time-consuming and error-prone. GSTrobo allows us to automate the process and save time and manpower. There is only relevant information in it, and it is easy to understand and use. Furthermore, the Manual e-Way Bill Window allows you to generate a Manual E-Way Bill very quickly by using the same address as consignor.

Jindal drugs Private Limited

We did not have proper back-end support & AMC service is also a bit expensive. GSTrobo is well-known tax compliance software. It provided us with excellent pricing options according to our requirements, with adequate back-end support. My experience with GSTrobo was pleasant, solving all my problems by providing end-to-end solutions. GSTrobo software & other utilities help us to comply with deadlines in an efficient & effective manner.

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Frequently Asked questions

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e-Invoice is a mechanism through which NIC authenticates B2B and export invoices electronically before allowing them to be used on the common GST portal. The Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), which is operated by the NIC, will provide a unique identifying number (IRN) against each invoice under the electronic invoicing system.

All invoice information is sent in real-time from to the GST and e-way bill portals. As a result, there is no need for manual data entry while filing GSTR-1 returns or generating Part-A of e-way bills because the information is sent straight from the IRP to the GST portal.

Here are the 6 simple steps using which a taxpayer can generate GST compliant e-invoices or electronic invoices.

Step 1: Create an invoice using an ERP system or accounting/billing software.

Step 2: Using a typical hash-generation process, IRP will generate IRN.

Step 3: Either directly or through third-party software, upload invoices to the Invoice Registration Portal.

Step 4: After successful verification, you will be prompted to sign and a QR code string will be created.

Step 5: The E-way bill and GST systems will receive the uploaded data.

Step 6: The seller will get the digitally signed JSON, as well as the IRN and QR code, via the site.

From 1st August 2023, the government has made e-invoicing mandatory for businesses with turnover exceeding Rs. 5 crores in any financial year from 2017-18. Businesses with turnover of less than 5 crores do not have to generate GST e-invoices compulsorily.

As per the recent mandate, e-invoicing will be implemented to: Made to registered individuals (i.e., B2B supplies) Supplies to Special Economic Zones (taxed or not) Exports (with or without taxes) Deemed Exports

The abbreviation QR code stands for Quick Response Code. It’s a two-dimensional barcode this is affixed to invoices to display data in a machine-readable way. It contains important information about the invoice. The GST QR code is used in the e-invoicing system to instantly offer facts about a specific invoice without relying on an external source. The purpose behind the introduction of QR code is:

It aids in boosting the efficiency of conducting business by employing machines to record the data included in invoices for rapid and precise entry.

With the use of portable equipment, tax authorities are able to assess whether a given invoice is legal and contains all required information.

After the IRP has assigned the QR Code to the e-invoice, the supplier merely needs to utilize the QR Code to create a PDF of the signed e-invoice.

The QR code in an e-invoice contains the following information:

  • The supplier’s GSTIN
  • The recipient’s GSTIN
  • The date on which the invoice was created
  • Value of the invoice
  • The total number of line items
  • HSN code or SAC
  • The invoice with IRN or HASH