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An Adaptive E-Way Bill Software for Fast-Paced Businesses (+video)

GSTrobo – a comprehensive E-Way Bill software for managing your E-Way Bills in a hassle-free and efficient manner. Businesses can leverage its features to handle multi-state operations between consignors, consignees, and transporters.

Get customized print format, update vehicle details in bulk, and split or merge E-Way Bills as needed. Get auto-generated notifications and never miss an extension of your e-way bills.

14+ Dynamic Filters

Data Auto-Validation


Error-Proof & Reliant E-Way Bill Software

Get all updates and experience built-in analytics from a single dashboard for optimal efficiency of both consignors and transporters.

Streamlining Your Logistics with Advanced Technology

Smart Error-Proofing

Our HSN master deploys 200+ validation checks using two-way integrations at every stage of the billing process to minimize errors & ensure accuracy.

AI-powered Reconciliation

Automated engine that makes it easy to reconcile E-Way Bills with sales and purchase invoices, simplifying GSTR-1 compliance.

Intuitive Dashboard

Utilize an intelligent dashboard with built-in analytics and reporting capabilities to make future-proof decisions.

Alerts For Missing Data

Receive alerts for missing information and benefit from automatic distance calculation based on pin codes.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate our E-Way Bill software with your existing ERP/ POS systems for smooth, efficient and quick transitions.

Comprehensive Compliance Checks

Our software performs comprehensive checks to ensure that your E-Way Bills comply with the current legal standards, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

Process Flow for E-Way Bill

Experience The GSTrobo Difference

Branch Segregation with Business Line Master

Precise Match Of GSTR-1 & E-Way Bill

Create Multiple E-Way

Download Annual E-Way Bill Details

PAN-Level Reports

Branch Segregation with Business Line Master

Precise Match Of GSTR-1 & E-Way Bill

Create Multiple E-Way

Download Annual E-Way Bill Details

Consignee Report

Specialized Transporter Portal

E-Way Bill Auto Extension

15+ Dynamic Filters

Consolidated Bills in One-go

Initiate Multiple-Vehicle Bills Together

Quantified Success – The GSTrobo Impact

Reduced Manual Errors
Faster Compliance
Accuracy in E-Way Bill Generation
Support Assistance

Real-Time Capabilities of GSTrobo


E-Way Bill Expiry Alerts

Get notified regarding all the E-Way Bills that are about to get expired.


Document Management

Manage all the E-Way Bills and store the details to navigate compliance throughout the transportation process.


Swift Part B & Transporter Details Update

Effortlessly update Part B and Transporter details in real-time for uninterrupted logistics processes.


On-Demand E-Way Bill Cancellation

Cancel E-Way Bills anytime, allowing for quick adjustments to logistics requirements.


Instant Vehicle Number Modifications

Make immediate changes to vehicle numbers on E-Way Bills, ensuring accuracy in real-time.


Last-Minute Validity Extension

Extend the validity of E-Way Bills at the eleventh hour, ensuring no interruptions in transportation plans.

Bringing Agility to Your Supply-Chains

From Consignor to Consignee: Never Letting Your Transporters Stop

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Simply Integrate with Your Current ERPs

Your E-Way Bills Are in Safe Hands


ISO 270001: 2013


ISO 9001: 2015


VAPT security audited by CERT-in Certified Organization


CMMI Level 3 Version 2.0


SOC 2 Certified

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E-Way Bills in India: 50 Practical Questions Answered

Description: India’s logistics and taxation tapestry seems ever-evolving, and in GST’s roller-coaster ride of 6 years, our E-Way Billing system stands as a dynamic protagonist. Our e-book answers the most challenging questions that help you navigate E-Way Bills better.


Customer Spotlight: The GSTrobo Success Journey

Jindal Industries Private Limited

We have been using different products of Binary Semantics such as Fleetrobo and DMS. Before GSTRobo, we were doing lots of tasks manually such as e-way bill generation and GST reconciliation. Thanks to their software we have saved a lot of manual work and man-hours. This has reduced our cost and GST-compliance risk.

Encube Ethicals

We chose GSTrobo due to its easy-to-use interface & ability to handle a large number of transactions seamlessly. The main benefit of using GSTrobo is that it saves time & you are assured of its accuracy. Moreover, it was a good experience while working with the support team of GSTrobo as they solve any issues within minutes.

Escorts Limited

Manual generation of E-way bills during the April-2018 implementation was time-consuming and error-prone. GSTrobo allows us to automate the process and save time and manpower. There is only relevant information in it, and it is easy to understand and use. Furthermore, the Manual e-Way Bill Window allows you to generate a Manual E-Way Bill very quickly by using the same address as consignor.

Jindal drugs Private Limited

We did not have proper back-end support & AMC service is also a bit expensive. GSTrobo is well-known tax compliance software. It provided us with excellent pricing options according to our requirements, with adequate back-end support. My experience with GSTrobo was pleasant, solving all my problems by providing end-to-end solutions. GSTrobo software & other utilities help us to comply with deadlines in an efficient & effective manner.

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Frequently Asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help you.

As per section 68 of the GST Act read with rule 138 of the Rules framed thereunder, an E-Way Bill is a document required to be carried by a person in charge of the conveyance carrying any consignment of goods with a value exceeding fifty thousand rupees. It can be generated by registered people or transporters who induce the movement of consignment goods before it begins.

To generate an E-Way Bill, the person must be registered on both GST and E-Way Bill portals, and if he or she is not a registered person, they must register on both portals before the E-Way Bill can be generated.

The vehicle number that is transporting the items should always be included on the E-Way Bill for goods transportation. Due to transshipment or vehicle breakdown, it may be necessary to modify the vehicle number after creating the E-Way Bill or after beginning the movement of goods. The transporter or E-Way Bill generator can amend the updated vehicle number in Part-B.

From any registered business location, the registered person can produce an E-Way Bill from his account. However, he or she must enter the correct address in the E-Way Bill.

The person who arranges for the transportation of goods must generate an E-Way Bill that includes the details of the other person who will receive the goods. The other party can view the E-Way Bill created against his or her GSTIN using the E-Way Bill portal. As the opposite party, you can communicate whether the consignment stated in the E-Way Bill is accepted or rejected. If he or she does not convey his approval or rejection within 72 hours of the E-Way Bill being generated, it is assumed that he/she has accepted the information.