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Navigating the Automotive Insurance Landscape with Omnichannel Solutions

The automotive insurance industry holds a significant market position with a strong customer base. Developing an omnichannel ecosystem is crucial for overseeing the complete lifecycle of motor insurance. Our integrated solutions streamline operations across channels, ensuring smooth interactions throughout the customer’s insurance journey.

Our omnichannel framework is designed for insurers, Automotive OEMs, brokers, MISPs, web aggregators, and embedded insurance service providers, catering to their varied customer requirements. Our platform facilitates functions from generating quotes to renewing policies, resulting in a more effective and customer-centric insurance management system.



One-Stop Auto Insurance Platform for All Providers

Key aspects of our VISoF Auto Lifecycle solution

Our comprehensive suite of software solutions effortlessly manages the entire lifecycle of automotive insurance. VISoF solutions cater to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) insurance and are equipped to handle B2B, B2B2C, PoSPs, and MISP agents effectively. These are,

  • With our system in place, you can get an insurance quote from any insurance company in seconds.
  • Effortlessly show premium breakups along with discounts to customers.
  • Distinguish different premium offered by insurers, Add-Ons, Discounts, etc.
  • Get instant ratings/rankings based on multiple factors for a personalized touch.
  • Seamless distribution of quotes to customers via email/SMS/WhatsApp.
  • Enjoy a smooth and seamless customer acquisition process.

  • One central source for policy holder information.
  • Handle potential customers’ inquiries and interest from various sources Capture, assess, and categorize leads using dynamic dashboards.
  • Automate responses, plan targeted campaigns and gauge lead engagement levels.
  • Boost your sales with the added bonus of Extended Warranty support for your customers.

  • Effortlessly integrate customer information and ensure smooth issuance of policy.
  • Dealer Management System (DMS) Integration for quickly fetching customer and vehicle details.
  • Verify legal and regulatory requisites of issued policies effortlessly.
  • Facilitate policy issuance across multiple channels.
  • Enable rapid retrieval of issued policies for analysis purposes.

  • Digitize the workflows essential for modern customer-centric policy services.
  • Streamline insurance policy renewals with CRP Portal.
  • Hassle-free support to lifecycle management of a policy such as endorsements, renewals, cancellations, rewrites and reinstatements.
  • Enable automated reports to agents, and alerts policyholders regarding renewal and claim details.
  • Download and view policies through manufacturers’ mobile apps.

  • Flawlessly initiate claim submission and registration.
  • Automate workflows entirely for efficient processing of customer claims.
  • Retrieve labour cost, part cost and job card details from DMS for claims servicing.
  • Perform pre-and final invoice submissions, raise inspection request and update repair completion status.
  • Facilitate the collection and assessment of required documents.
  • Generate valuable insights and reports for streamlined claim processing.
  • Real time Intimation to customer on different claim stages.

  • Extensive Agent Support (MISP/DP/SP/ISP/PoSP)
  • Effortless Management of Payouts, Brokerage, and Commissions
  • Specialized MIS/ Reports and Dashboards
  • Management of User Roles and Rights
  • Impeccable implementation with Expenses of Management (EoM)
  • Dedicated mobile app for POSP/dealer person to get in touch physically with customers for policy buying.

  • Explore state-of-the-art integration with a variety of third-party services
  • Vehicle manufacturer insurance integration while purchasing vehicles.
  • Incorporate broker accounting systems for hassle-free commission management and payouts.
  • Customer self-service portals for policy purchase and post-policy actions.
  • SMS/WhatsApp and e-KYC integrations
  • Collaborate with AI partners for smooth vehicle pre-inspection in break-in cases.
  • Enable convenient e-payments through various widely accepted modes.
  • Leverage APIs for real-time No Claim Bonus (NCB) verification during renewals.

  • Integrate e-signatures for both agents and customers within the system.
  • Enhance security with mobile and email-based OTP authentication.
  • Stay updated with instant upgrades following IRDAI norms/rules/regulation changes and other compliance supports like GST and RBI Norms related to insurance.
  • Streamline processes by facilitating 64 VB upload via web services from insurers.
  • Implement a robust Ticketing System and Grievance Management System.
  • Support issuance of Service coupons.
  • Ensure the verification of digitally signed invoices for added authenticity.

Turbocharge Insurance Company Operations with Motor Insurtech Solution

ADAS Technology

Enhanced motor insurance journey on Customer and Partner Portals

ADAS fleet management insights

Flawless Implementation of AI-Driven Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

ADAS Technology integration

Real-time tracking of policies generated, issued, and in-process

Driver Monitoring System in ADAS systems

Evaluate and authorize initiated claims

ADAS devices

Monitor diverse insurance product performance

Data security in ADAS system

Hassle-free calculation and distribution of commissions

Driver Monitoring System in ADAS systems

Smooth integration of multiple stakeholders and customers

ADAS devices

Facilitate seamless data exchange and verification

ADAS devices

Modernize Entire Policy Administration Systems


Systemize Automative OEM Operations with OEM Insurance Software

Transforming OEM Operations with Customizable Insurtech Solution

Onboarding of MISP and DP

  • Complete control over the onboarding process.
  • Uploading and assessment documents like KYC, PAN.
  • Customized Training and Assessment.

Policy Issuance

  • Renew/Issue a New policy for any vehicle.
  • Vehicle pre-inspection process support for break-in cases.
  • Provide insurance for individuals or corporates.
  • Tailor-made add-ons and discounts.
  • Multiple online payment support including CUG (Close Circuit User Group) cards.
  • Option for Personal Accident (PA) covers and Legal Liability Protection.

Endorsement & Cancellation

  • Financial Endorsements such as Ownership Transfer, IDV change and others.
  • Non-Financial Endorsements such as Vehicle Details, Proposer Details and others.
  • Flawlessly raise Policy Cancellation Request to ICs.


  • Online Claim intimation to ICs
  • Insights on Multiple Claim Stages.

Payout Handling

  • Comprehensive Calculation of OD and TP Payout.
  • Precise handling of Dealer and Broker Payouts.


Optimize PoSP/Web Aggregators Process with Motor Insurtech Solution

Revamp PoSP and Web Aggregator Workflows with Motor Insurtech


PoSP Onboarding and Training
  • Complete control over the onboarding process uploading documents like KYC.
  • Customized training and assessment support.


Life and Non-Life Products Solutions
  • Comprehensive integration and deployment.


Comprehensive Policy Issuance
  • Along with Add-ons, Discounts, and much more.


Extensive Commission Support
  • Compute and disburse commissions and incentives after policy issuance.

Diverse Reports

Our Insurtech solution provides various reports tailored to your specific needs. Such as

Set Industrial trends with Vehicle Insurance Management System

Logistics Process Automation

Advanced Integration with Multiple Models and Fintech Platforms

School Bus Fleet management

State-of-the-art integration and data authentication with Vahan Platform

Cold Chain Logistics

AI-enabled Automation and Chatbot Implementation

Optimize Your Motor Insurance with Auto Insurance Platform

Our state-of-the-art solutions guarantee effectiveness, precision, and dependability at each phase to offer unmatched customer experiences.


Efficient Policy Management


In-Premise and Cloud Deployment


Latest UI and UX Control for Users


Faster Claim Initiation and Claim Insights into Multiple Stages


Quick Query Resolution


Adherence to Regulations


Real-time Reporting and Analytics


Efficient Migration from Existing vendors /systems/platforms

Frequently Asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help you.

An omnichannel framework ensures smooth interactions and processes throughout the insurance journey, managing operations seamlessly across various channels for a comprehensive customer experience.

The VISoF suite manages the entire OEM insurance lifecycle, including quoting, lead management, policy issuance, post-sale services, claim management, and resource management.

The API module facilitates integration with third-party services, e-payments, and real-time data access, adapting to evolving industry needs.

The VISoF Resource Management Module provides extensive agent support, effortless management of payouts, brokerage, and commissions, specialized MIS/reports and dashboards, and management of user roles and rights.

The VISoF Claim Management Module ensures smooth claim submission and registration, automates workflows for efficient claims processing, and facilitates the collection and assessment of required documents.

The VISoF Lead Management Module captures, assesses, categorizes, and assigns leads to relevant teams, automates responses, plans targeted campaigns, and gauges lead engagement levels.