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Qlik, the only cloud platform created for Active Intelligence, bridges the gap between data, insights, and action. Transform your data and analytics into real-time, AI-powered, collaborative, and actionable information. It is frequently used in marketing, human resources, and sales departments, as well as in executive dashboards to enable upper-level management to watch overall corporate activities. We as a trusted partner of QLIK have helped many businesses to successfully implement the different Qlik solutions.

QLIK Product Offerings

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a comprehensive data analytics platform that establishes the standard for the next generation of analytics. With its unique associative analytics engine, advanced AI, and high-performance cloud platform. You can empower everyone in your company to make smarter decisions regularly, resulting in a truly data-driven business.

Qlik Data Integration Platform

To lead in the digital era, when real-time insights and choices are vital, everyone in your business must have simple access to the most up-to-date and correct data. By automating data streaming, refining, cataloging, and publication, the Qlik Data Integration Platform allows a DataOps strategy that accelerates the discovery and availability of real-time data.

Qlik Replicate

Visually explore data to uncover new patterns, as well as create and share smart visualizations and interactive reports – all from a single, self-service interface. Using augmented analytics and advanced capabilities, you can gain insights and uncover stories hidden in your data.

Qlik Compose

With interactive data exploration and discovery for numerous people, you can put superior models into action quicker. Create and refine large numbers of predictive models on the fly, allowing you to ask more questions – and receive more answers.

  • For Data Lakes
  • For Data Warehouses

Qlik Gold Client

Increase the scope of your analytics with embedded machine learning and deep learning capabilities that are available from a single location across your business.

Qlik Enterprise Manager

Take your data science capabilities to the next level by incorporating more extensive modeling capabilities into your environments, such as text analytics, forecasting, optimization, and econometrics.

Qlik Catalogue

Create, embed, and regulate analytically driven decision processes at scale in real-time or batch to aid decision making. To acquire insights and take action at the edge, deploy analytics and choices in real-time.