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Quality Policy and Objectives

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to provide defect free software products conforming to customer requirements on time by complying with the requirements of our quality management system and continuously improving its effectiveness through management reviews of the quality objectives.

Quality Objectives

We have set forth before us the following objectives, which are measurable and are consistent with the 'Quality Policy'.

Objective: Provide products and services that lead to customer satisfaction.
Indicator: We would achieve this through Customer Satisfaction Index of 98%.

Objective: Lay emphasis on proper understanding of the requirements of our users and customers.
Indicator: Every SRS Document would be approved by customer before proceeding with the next stage of SDLC.

Objective: Ensure conformance of our products and services to their specifications and our standards.
Indicator: We would obtain a sign-off from the customer after implementation of the project.

Objective: Provide all agreed deliverables to the customers and users in accordance with the schedules agreed with them.
Indicator: Most of the time compliance to schedule for every project should be = 98%.

Objective: Pay prompt attention to the communications from customers and provide timely support to them.
Indicator: We will achieve this through Service Timeliness Index of 98%

Objective: Minimize users and customers complaints by taking all possible measures like, maintaining records of complaints and service requests received from them, root cause Analysis and Implementation of suitable preventive measures.
Indicator: Elimination of Root Cause can be ascertained by UAT. All Problem Request would be closed after UAT.

Objective: Design policies for attracting, training and retaining qualified and suitable staff.
Indicator: Responses received against a vacancy. All Staff to be trained (Orientation), Attrition rate per month will be equal to the Industrial attrition Rate.



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