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Through our API and microservices driven supply chain logistics, e-Invoicing, and an e-Way bill, build secure and seamlessly integrated data and information exchange across technology systems and entities/partners. This Increases productivity and efficiency and in the process, reinvents the experience for each user of the systems. In this manner, we also address the bigger challenge of interoperability and broken systems/processes in making goods available to customers.

Planning for the future gives more power to provide value and experience to our customers. Real-time in-store insights coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) will enable the retail market to become more time and cost-efficient while delivering a high-quality service to end customers thanks to our predictive resource analysis.

Intertwine retail and supply chain planning to address and resolve supply chain complexities

  • With our cutting-edge solutions, we assist businesses in identifying and cultivating profitable, loyal customers to stay ahead of the competition.
  • The solutions can bring together merchants of many types, including department shops, specialized retailers, grocery chains, discount stores, and internet / online stores.
  • Supply chain and logistics integrated with inventory management solutions helps retailers increase operational efficiencies, reduce stock levels, and automate procedures to coordinate billing, sales, finance, and customer relationship management.
  • In this hyper-competitive retail industry, staying on top requires identifying emerging consumer spending trends, having a responsive and agile supply chain, and having business processes that minimize waste and maximize profits.


  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning will also help retailers become much more sustainable while also saving money by incorporating them into monitoring and inventory processes.
  • Current and future waste will be reduced by AI/ML-powered technologies used throughout the retail supply chain.

e-Invoicing and digital payments

  • Through an immutable distributed ledger, digital billing and invoicing solutions can assist businesses in validating transactions, issuing invoices, and making digital payments, effortlessly.
  • The solution supports shoppers’ preference in making purchases in the most convenient way for them - BOPIS or contactless.

Use cases:


  • Our Data Analytics Services assist businesses in uncovering key insights and making better decisions by mapping all available data sources and presenting a complete picture.
  • We construct a data and analytics strategy focused on our expertise to deliver solutions that suit your enterprise requirements as a leading data analytics consultant.
  • We cover three broad services under our Data Analytics Services umbrella: Enterprise Information Management, Business Intelligence Services, and Innovative Analytics Services.

Cold Chain Logistics Solutions

Binary's comprehensive cold chain monitoring solution tracks goods from the beginning of the voyage to the end, leaving nothing to chance. All elements of the supply chain are accredited with IoT cold chain management. Some remarkable solutions are:

  • Real-time GPS tracking – critical asset tracking capabilities such as GPS and geo-location mapping services are pre-configured in these exceptional solutions.
  • Real-time temperature monitoring and alert – solution contains temperature sensors that have already been created and configured for you.
  • Dashboard analytics – for tracking and evaluating critical asset data.
  • Reliable connectivity – offers cellular connectivity options to monitor your assets no matter where they are.

Supply Chain Logistics

SCM, or supply chain management, is the transportation and storage of raw materials and finished items from the origin to the point of consumption. To compete in the global market and networked economy, organizations are increasingly finding that they must rely on successful supply chains or networks. Recognizing its significance, FleetRobo® Supply Chain Solution was created with the following goals in mind:

  • Streamline process and record management for resource management
  • Boost productivity
  • Inventory planning and management at the warehouse
  • Plan and manage transportation
  • Improve route planning and dispatching

This approach allows the safe movement of commodities from the warehouse to the site of consumption. It provides vision outside your line of sight with an elegant real-time vehicle monitoring interface for your computer and smartphone, accessible via the internet.