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RFID in Retail

RFID solutions enable retailers to explore new avenues to increase revenue and improve operational efficiency. It provides real-time operational information by automatically detecting product movements throughout the retail process from stock to shelf and off the shelf to cash counter. By automatic product movements tracking across the retail process, phases or floors, RFID provides real-time inventory tracking, with minimal human intervention, allowing you to:

Whether you want to eliminate misplacement of goods or streamline the costs associated with processing incoming and outgoing shipments, Binary provides the ideal enterprise mobility solution for many retail segments such as:

RFID at it's Best

Imagine the day you went for a shopping spree with a broke pocket. On the way you purchased snacks along with many other items while got your car refueled, purchased many books from the nearby stall. In the evening you came out with handfuls of items from the mall amounting to ten thousand. No Money! Only taking away!! No manual intervention! What's that?

Stylistically simple! It is RFID technology, which identifies you at various retail locations and connects you to your bank account for wired money transfer. It identifies you and purchased items.

RFID is just round the corner making things simple to simpler and transforming the whole retail process. Improved shelf availability leads directly to improved sales-anywhere from 0.1 percent to 4percent, according to various RFID impact studies prepared for the retail industry. The dual benefit of increased revenues and decreased inventory costs are motivating retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to become leaders in RFID adoption. Retailers can reduce out-of-stocks by 0.07 percent yet still reduce overall inventories by 5 percent through improved visibility from RFID-enabled distribution systems, according to an A.T. Kearney study.

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