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RoadMap to Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management considered by many as a fad, an overhyped term, an area that they can chose to be laid back on in today’s knowledge powered Global Economy.

Rather it’s imperative to recognize the true value of knowledge in order to

Irrespective of where you are with respect to your organization's Knowledge Management initiative, it's high time to embark on an initiative to take your organization Knowledge Management to the next level.

Where should I start ?  The first question that crosses any mind !

Identity KM Objectives

Create a KM Plan and  Top Management Buy-in

Prepare your People

Build the Solution

Implement the Solution

Roll Out


Last but not the least any Knowledge Management System has to align and tie itself very closely to Key Business Drivers and have tangible and measureable metrics that enable  ROI Increase, Productivity Increase and Cost Reduction.

Conclusion : Successful Implementation of a Knowledge Management Initiative will require a balance between People and People orientation, Technology , Content and Content Processes. Yet if one were to grade the importance if each of these for success

1 – People and People orientation
2 – Content and Content Processes
3 - Technology

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