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Search Engine Submission Services

After a website is ready according to SEO, Search Engine Submission is the next crucial step. Submitting and the acceptance of your website on a search engine depicts the existence of your pages. It might seem simple but it is advisable to rely on professional companies to avoid any complications.

There are three ways of search engine submission to get your website listed in the search engines. Firstly, you can submit your site directly to the search engine using a free submit form. Secondly, you can let the search engine find your site through the links to your site from other sites such as directories or thirdly, pay the search engine to index your site.

Apart from major directories, our team also submits in other directories. We also take care to submit to local or thematic directories that are relevant to the content of your site. It will take time for the search engines to index your site after it has been listed in the major directories. So patience is the keyword. It may take a couple of weeks before your site may start appearing in the index of the major search engines.

At Binary, we take care of the complete submission process adopting the best suited method decided for submission. Search engine submission should not be done blindly. It is important to have professionals to find the best category that suits your site. Only if the guidelines are followed, the chances of being listed increase and the amount of time it takes to get listed will be decrease.

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