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Software Development Process - SDLC

Binary Semantics offer IT & Software development services addressing the client’s needs to design and develop applications tailored for specific business objectives. We follow industry standards and proven methodologies to develop bespoke software applications. For software projects, we contemplate the necessary details and proceed appropriate documentations, milestone and project life cycle. We have team of PMI Certified engineers who can develop cutting edge web applications, product software and mobile apps with flawless code.

Across SLDC - Model:-

SDLC is a software development process or software development life cycle which includes the steps for successful execution of software development project. There are several SDLC models that gives a path which every project undergoes with maturity. Following are the SDLC models/ Project methodologies that we use for Software Development Project.

Agile Software Development:-

It is an iterative and incremental software development methodology in which the requirements and solutions evolve with project maturity. It is an adaptive methodology that involves rapid development and flexible response to change.

Following are the activities involved in Agile Development:

Agile Development Methodology

  • Requirements Analysis (Functional Specification)
  • Design (Software Architecture, Workflow, Prototyping)
  • Development ( Iterations, Demo & Feedback)
  • Quality Assurance ( Testing & Debugging)
  • Deployment ( Implementation & Support)
  • Maintenance

Agile Development is based on principles which involve welcoming changing requirements even late in development.
The useful software is developed swiftly in agile methodology and it undergo several iterations for enhancing usability and functionality of working software.

Waterfall Model:-

It is a linear and sequential approach to for software development where an independent teams at every stage execute the process with set deliverable. An independent team is assigned to have independent team to ensure greater control of project and deadline, which is very important for on-time project delivery. It advocates rigorous project management, strategy and processes to track the status. The software project once moved to the next step cannot be rolled back. The project progress downward towards culmination like a steeping waterfall. This methodology is suitable for the projects where specifications and deliverable are clearly defined. It involves rigorous documentation for every single stage.

Following are the steps in Waterfall Model:

Waterfall Model

  • Requirement
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Maintenance

Hybrid model – Agile Waterfall Model:-

Sometimes even the most well written projects specific factions, functions and deliverables are bound to change because of some internal and external factors. Waterfall Model which offers minimum scope of modification can become difficult under such situations. Too much rigidity in Software development process can forfeit the purpose of developing software application for business process.

A hybrid model with iterative steps of agile methodology at every step of waterfall models can allow the controlled level of modifications and review, ensuring the successful execution of a software project.

Following are the steps involved in agile waterfall model:

Agile Waterfall Model

  • Requirement
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Maintenance

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