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Struggling to find the right customers?
KIMS helps you pinpoint your ideal clients with laser precision


Elevate your marketing, boost conversion rates, and unlock your business potential with our data-driven solutions

Introducing Knowledge and Information Management Solutions (KIMS) – a cutting-edge solution, designed to make a lasting impact on your business. In today’s challenging landscape, businesses often struggle to pinpoint the right customers, leading to ineffective targeting, impersonalized marketing efforts, misallocation of resources, overlooked opportunities, low conversion rates, and customer misalignment.

KIMS, a productized service, is the key to discovering your ideal customer with unparalleled precision. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or a Fortune 500 company, KIMS is there to assist you in identifying the right clients or customers for any of your products or services. KIMS also assists you in your data segmentation, subscription list management, marketing list management, webinars and social media campaigns, multi-industry research and market surveys.

KIMS’s global reach, 25+ industry coverage and skilled workforce have increased lead velocity, ROI, improved customer acquisition, and facilitated data-driven decision-making among clients. KIMS research is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ready. Additionally, Binary Semantics ensures complete compliance with data protection, ethical standards, and industry regulations.


The results speak for themselves


Transform your business with AI-powered data analysis, comprehensive demand generation, and cutting-edge pre-post project analysis.

Unleash Your Business Potential with Our Capabilities

Targeted Customer Identification

Identify client irrespective of geography, industry, department or designation.

Versatile Client Search

With more than 25+ industry and service verticals.

Global Client Reach

Locate clients worldwide or within specific geographic regions.

Polls, Questionnaires, and More

Design client forms, create opinion polls and questionnaires, comprehend client needs and beyond.

Planning and Solutions

Comprehensive Webinar Moderation with 360-Degree Solutions.

Subscription List Management

Provide participant support and assist customers with onboarding onto the platform.

Data Segmentation

Customize and segmentize your data based on departments, industries, location, designation, etc.

Data Management

Perform Data Management and associated tasks with trusted partners.

Pre and Post Project Analysis

Holistic demand configuration and analysis.

Informed Decision-making

Accurate data ensures precise market prediction.

Simplify Market Research with KIMS


Marketing Efforts


Reach Decision-





Elevating the Benchmark in Our Industry


ISO 270001: 2013


ISO 9001: 2015


VAPT security audited by CERT-in Certified Organization


CMMI Level 3 Version 2.0


SOC 2 Certified

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Transforming industries through innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help you.

Conducting market research is crucial when initiating a business, prior to introducing a new product or service, and whenever unexpected threats or opportunities emerge. The research can prove beneficial in guiding your thought process and plan your future plan of action.

The duration for research varies based on the project’s scale (sample size) and the chosen method.

It is a process of creating a detailed and comprehensive description of a business’s ideal or most valuable customers. This profile typically includes various demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics, such as age, gender, income, preferences, and more.

Through the recognition and comprehension of these targeted customers, a business can customize its marketing and sales approaches to effectively focus on and interact with this particular customer group. This strategy can result in streamlined marketing initiatives, greater conversion rates, enhanced customer contentment, and boosted revenue.

Binary Semantics over its three decades of industry experience has meticulously developed Industry Segmentation criteria. These criteria help any industry to identify and target the client. With fast-paced industrialization, Binary Semantics constantly updates its segmentation list to cater to the changing needs of the industry.

Our solutions are extended to various regions, encompassing the USA, Europe, Asia—specifically in countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia—as well as Australia. Additionally, we cater to Middle Eastern countries, including the UAE, KSA, Qatar and others.

Undertaking research on your own can be time-consuming and potentially divert attention from other crucial tasks. Additionally, navigating through the process without experience might lead to complexities, as even designing a basic questionnaire demands more expertise than appears.
Binary Semantics is dedicated to the XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service) model, offering a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions. Our products - Fleetrobo, GSTrobo, VATrobo, and VISOF reflect our commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed.