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Success Stories

Web Library System for Cushman & Wakefield (

Cushman & Wakefield Inc., (C&W) is World's leading property management and real estate service firm specializing in buying, selling leasing, constructing, management and valuation services to meet the needs of major corporations.

Cushman & Wakefield offers its client's broad spectrum of services with high level of Information services implementation. The Web library system was designed and developed to offer C&W clients and staff a complete web-based document management system with secured access.

The Web Library System was developed using VC++, VB and ASP (with Java script and VB script) for MS Access back-end. The application provides online access and manageability to the work / project documents to Cushman & Wakefield staff and its clients. The Web Library System's administrator can define a domain for each of the clients. The clients will typically have their own administrator, who can in turn create more administrators and users for their own domains. Administrators can upload files that they can share among their own clients / users. The users are restricted to view only the permitted files by the respective domain administrators.

The system has already been deployed for various offices across Asia with plans for Australia and Europe..

Hotel Reservation Booking Engine for Inc: Inc. is a consortium of three major partners, in US, Netherlands and India with interests in Hotel and Travels businesses and assets & experience worldwide.

We have provided strategic, creative and technology solution for planning, designing, constructing, deploying and eventual maintenance & enhancement for this digital business and accompanying B2B tools. has been developed using VC++, VB, ASP (with Java script and VB script), HTML, Seagate Crystal reports, Adobe Photoshop, Dream Weaver and Cyber Cash. The application comprises a Hotel reservation booking engine, which is a comprehensive tool that connects member hotels worldwide with travelers through global network of partner web sites. We are also working as Software Facilitator (SF) for Administration Module meaning thereby that all back-end operations including report generation, MIS, customization, and integration with partner web sites is outsourced through our Indian operations.

Knowledge Engine for Cahoots Inc.

Cahoots Inc. is a leading market research company based in California, US. It offers ASP (Application Service Provider) services for real-time interactive e-business intelligence solutions. Its web-based solutions deliver smart, real-time performance information and superior customer interaction capability.

Cahoots chose us to assist them in the design and development of their next generation Knowledge Engine referred to as Informative Knowledge Engine, a tool to develop, test, and conduct online electronic surveys. This tool:

The project was executed with the offshore model and turnkey approach. This covered the entire SDLC for the project.

Data Store for Wireless Applications and Consulting Services Inc.

Wireless Applications and Consulting Services, LLC (WACS) provides consultancy to major Utility companies in USA. Purpose of this development was to create a re-usable solution to provide specialized applications to leverage AMR data in electric, gas and water utility industry.

We have provided technology solution for planning, designing, constructing, deploying and eventual maintenance & enhancement of this business solution.

This is a data warehousing cum transaction processing application. The application receives XML/Flat files of meter readings and master data from designated gateways. The process daemon locates files and runs processes to classify meter readings into Good, Stale, Incomplete, Partial, etc. Several other processes are run in sequence to create estimated readings for Stale, Incomplete and Partial reads and generate bills and related reports. The application needs to process about 50 million records for 2 million customers everyday.

WACS Data Store project is expected to maintain records pertaining to energy consumption of electric, gas, steam and water for upto 2 million consumers for a period of 5 years.


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