Tablet FPS for AADHAR Linked Solutions

AADHAR Enabled Biometric Attendance System

AADHAR –based biometric authentication (ABBA) is been used by Government of India to provide important services like PDS (Public Distribution Services) & WCD ( Women and Child Development Department)across India for its Digital India Drive.

Binary Semantics designed and devised smart PDS system PoS/ Mobile tablet terminal or can customised any computing device with connected biometric scanner and printer shall browse the FPS Automation sales application from central PDS or regional PDS server which in turn connected to UIDAI for biometric authentication of beneficiary .

Handheld device can also be used by health care services to the people in the sates through various healthcare centres and front line workers. Auxiliary Nurse Midwives(ANMs) play the vital part to register the details of potentials beneficiaries for schemes like Beti bacho Beti Pado .. to be implemented at grass root level. Handheld device to upload real time data with all the necessary biometric details without any hassle.

Portable (Handheld) finger print recognition based device with the latest technology and design in the market. It becomes one of most advance biometric machine best suited for UIDAI Aadhaar based Finger Print and IRIS authentication, Smartcard based applications, Magnetic strip reader, Come with SAM slot to enhance the security and cryptography performance in devices. Fairly robust product designed. Keeping in mind mostly outdoor usage, a rubber gasket has been given around the device. Appropriate shape, compact size give good grip to the device aside of elegant looks.

Specifications of device:

Device Specification:

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