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Travel Technology Solutions

In today's fast paced competitive and cut-throat marketplace where no other quote would be more apt than 'Survival of the fittest', tour & travel companies, travel agents, hotel distribution companies, hotel chains, distribution intermediaries, airport transfer and car hire companies are grappling with how to bring convergence between their brick and mortar and the emerging technologies that are multiplying and growing as if they are coming from an assembly / production line.

Some of the travel agents, tour operators, hotel & hospitality players see it as a threat especially the ones who ignored the first wave of technology (especially the internet platform) around the year 2000 with a strong feeling that it's not going to impact their traditional / conventional way of offering travel services to tourists or business travelers.

This is precisely the gap that our Travel Technology Solutions Group looks forward to fulfilling for you and help you transform and reinvent your travel and hospitality business into a galloping horse.

Strategic / Consulting Services

Hotel & Hospitality Industry Software, Services, Solutions & Back-office operations

Hotel Booking Engine Software, Internet based online booking software including payment gateway options , Integration with existing Hotel Front Office and Back Office Applications , Ongoing Software Maintenance for Hotels, Porting and Migration of Software and Data of existing Legacy Systems and Applications.

Travel Agents and Tour Operators

Travel Intermediaries

ASP Model based Services

Solution for Hotel / Hotel Chains / Hotel Distributors/ Hotel Intermediaries

Travel and Travel Products including Hotels is the fastest growing business on the Internet today. Individual customers, Business Travelers, Discount shoppers or Information seekers are all invading the internet in their own varied ways and looking at options available to them:

They are looking at ease of use, a true personalized experience, and a 24X7 help line, helpdesk professionals who can guide them / help them with respect to their arrangements including enquiries, amendments or cancellations.

Your web site is the first impression for any new visitor to your site. Rather than being at your wit's end on how to combat comparison shopping, focus on building a web site experience that provides and enhances value proposition for the traveler and helps you.

Can you only rely on Hotel consolidators or Hotel GDS's for your sales? It's almost like saying that I will reach my customers only through Media ads or only through TV or only through Bill Boards. Very obviously, your marketing plan has to be a mixed media plan including the online media.

In a similar manner you can not afford to just rely on one channel to sell your Hotel room Inventory. Your Hotel room Inventory sales has to be affected through a judicious mix of consolidators, online Hotel GDS's , Internet Booking Engines, your own web site presence, Partners and Affiliates, Travel Agents and Tour operators etc.

This will not only provide you with a good Distribution Model for your Room Inventory but also provide you with an optimum margin distribution over your sales as well whether you run a single Hotel or a Hotel chain or you are a Hotel consolidator/ Distributor or an Intermediary.

Can you build your Web site and/or your Hotel Booking / Reservation System and wait for visitors or prospects?

An absolute NO!
In fact you must:

Does your web site offer a full service Booking system?

A customer should not only be able to book but also modify or cancel his bookings at his/ her convenience on a 24X7 basis. The customer must know the Amendment, cancellation / Refund policies very well at the time of booking and must be able to perform any of these operations real time without any hiccups.

The customer must also get his/ her refund credited to their credit card / Bank Account as per mode of original payment and Refund Policy without any follow-ups.

Do you listen to the Voice of the Customer (VOC)?

As per the Voice of the Customer:

The Hotel & Hospitality solutions not only take care of the above but also provide for a robust and scalable architecture and technology platform that protect your investment and also provide a roadmap for the future.

Further Reading

Form processing can be an exhaustive job consuming time, resources and energy. At the same time it is important to maintain records and data of your customers.


Maintaining an online hotel booking engine requires strong back office support to ensure smooth functioning. Consistent and efficient services are required to win over loyal customers.



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