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Vehicle Tracking System

Keeping track of every activity of the vehicles in your fleet using Fleet Robo - Vehicle tracking System. Contemporary automobile technology has touched the zenith of innovation time and again with game-changing technologies such as Real Time Vehicle Tracking, Sensors Technology, Artificial Intelligence and many more. The latest in vehicle tracking systems use a combination of all such components to generate relevant information that can subsequently be converted into reports and business insights.

Fleet Robo – VTS combined with fifth generation GPS Tracker – FR 5 helps you collect and parse the GPS tracking device data to map real time location and optimize certain aspects of the vehicle in real-time. It maintains the knowledge base repository for in-depth analysis and churn out the enterprise operation patterns and tweak them to attain full potential.

The futuristic software suite of Fleet Robo takes care of tracking, processing as well as generation of plethora of MIS reports making vehicle tracking and fleet operations seem as easy as child’s play.

Salient Features of Fleet Robo – Vehicle Tracking System:-

The various sectors that have installed and benefitted from the Vehicle Tracking Service (VTS) include long haul/ short haul logistics, government sector, utilities, cable & Telco, chemical transportation and many more. Installing a Fleet Robo – VTS may deliver utmost benefits to an organization by enhancing it efficiency and productivity with the information and data it provide.

Here’s what you have been missing without Fleet Robo – Vehicle Tracking System:-

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Vehicle Tracking involves the constant monitoring of a lot of aspects that influence the performance of the vehicle in many ways. The variety of vehicle activities that a VTS is able to track with the help of embedded sensors include its location, route, driving style, ignition, fuel consumption, AC usage duration, passenger count, weekend activity, idle time, etc.


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