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Corporates and channel partners are looking for insurtech solutions for a variety of reasons. They want to enhance the experience of their agents or end-users. They seek to use data to uncover and respond to new, unexplored possibilities. Perhaps they want to foster a culture of innovation inside the company and make it faster and more agile in general.

Our VISoF affinity solution supports end customers' insurance purchasing requirements in a variety of areas, including motor, health, life, travel, marine, and home through corporate channels. VISoF insurtech solution for corporate/affinity channels is designed to achieve long-term corporate goals, such as lowering expenses, increasing revenue, and improving customer service.

Features that make our insurtech solution for affinity channels stand-out:

  • Separate tech environment to prove value and mitigate risk to enhance scalability and operational efficiency
  • Customer Experience prioritization to enable end customers to purchase insurance plans while having little expertise
  • Provision for online integrations and offline support with insurance company systems for policy issuing and administration
  • Ability to collaborate with Insurance Companies to get a high level of customization/workflow to meet your business objectives