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API-led connectivity allows you to execute projects faster and offer seamless experience to customers with the existing system. Our VISoF APIs are simple to integrate with your internal software. We run complete compliance and assurance processes in addition to data encryption in transit and at rest.

VISoF adheres to the greatest quality and security requirements, and our intergration APIs are regularly tested to surpass industry norms. With our bug-free and secure insurance APIs, your data is in your control, owned by you, and accessible only to you, making it safe from theft or tampering.

Explore how insurance companies can prosper from VISoF Integration APIs

  • Building comprehensive digital insurance platform for seamless policyholder experience
  • Automating insurance issuance, claim, cancellation, and other administration
  • Creating a customer-centric connected experience with interoperability Transform the future of insurance with these features of our VISoF Integration:-
    • Data Authentication Services using AADHAAR or other Govt. ID
    • Secure Digital Payment Gateway service
VISoF Integrations