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As an extension of the insurance broker, a certified insurance POSP can solicit insurance businesses for licensed POSP products. Unlike a traditional insurance solution, a VISoF POSP can offer insurance products from a variety of businesses and across permitted insurance categories, such as life insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance, and more.

Features that will help you to sell insurance from anywhere at the comfort of your place:

  • A single and fully digital POSP platform for a safe transaction
  • End-to-end digital execution in a paperless system
  • No branch visits for policy issuance and policy management
  • IRDAI-approved POSP certification
  • Various insurance companies to choose from across products
  • Policy delivery in a blink via online (mobile & web)
  • Transparent remuneration structure
  • Enhanced product learning with a self-paced learning module
Visof PoSP

Our VISoF POSP strives to make your life easier by providing you with a client-centric business model that ensures long-term revenue growth, and increased customer loyalty.