Live Webinar:
In 90 min : Learn How SAS Visual Analytics can revolutionize your data insights through predictive analytics and dashboard management!!

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Webinar Details:
  • Date: 27th October, Tuesday
  • Time: 03:00PM
  • Duration: 90 Minutes

About Webinar :

Learn about the Importance of Detailing and not letting any thing surpass and unnoticed in the cutting throat competition of the e-commerce and retail Industrty. With the Enormous data discovery requirement the need of the hour is to mark customer buying patterns, preferences, market basket analysis, cannibalization as well as speed reqquired to make business decisions as well the need to reduce inventory.

Discover the precision of analytics and the power of Business Intelligence tool From SAS, one the most prominent Analyticsdevelopers of the Time.

Enumerations of the Webinar:

  • The utilization of Customer data to understand buying patterns and competition
  • Market Basket Analysis.(what sells with what and who is buying?)
  • Forcasting oF Sales with Scenario based seasonality changes and Goal seeking.
  • Multilayer drill downs to understand flow of data.
  • Cannibalization(how a new product launch affects other competing products).

Who should attend the webinar?

  • Health care professionals
  • MIS Reporting Professional Analyst
  • Business users across all segment and verticals
  • Mid-Senior Level IT Professionals
  • Top level management
  • Operations Manager
  • Industry Consultants
  • Data Scientist

Here's what you will learn?

  • Enterprise analytics
    • KPI monitoring
    • Scorecards
    • Flexible reporting
  • Predictive analytics
    • Multi-year financial forecasting
    • Initiative planning and trackings
  • ACO analytics
  • Correlation Acros Differential Industry Variable
  • Customer Behavior Analysis